Monday, April 11, 2011

Highlight's of 2011 so far!!

Jay and I moved to Arizona and we were so excited to be back by family again! And we were so greatful that my parents watched our kids so that we could go to Lake Tahoe. We had such a wonderful time.
While we were there we went on a guided snowmobiling tour. It was a lot of fun and so beautiful!!
Here is our sweet little Brinley Bear. Brinley is now almost 7 months old and she has been so much fun to have join our family. She LOVES Addison and just smiles and laughs so much when she see's here. And she never stops moving. She is so hard to feed b/c she is so busy looking around and moving everywhere. She isn't crawling yet but she scoots and rolls across the floor with her elbows (army crawls) to get to where she needs to go.
She has the most beautiful eyes and smiles. And she gives the best kisses she grabs my face and sucks on it. Its adorable. Brinley has torticollis, which is why she always has her head tilted off to the right b/c her muscles are really tight on one side making it really hard for her to hold her head straight. It affects her on that whole side. she doesn't sit up yet she just falls over. Torticollis also causes GERD (fancy word for major reflux). And then lastll she has placiocephally, which is the dropping on one side of her face. She goes to Physcially Therapy every week. And in the next 3 weeks will be styling in a helmet. All of these things with work, and weekly therapy she will have full range of motion in her neck which will fix the other issues!!
Since we moved back to Arizona these have been Addies partners in crime, Raylee, and Winston her cousins. She has LOVED living next to her cousins, and has so much fun with them!!
Another big thing that happened since moving is Addie getting rid of her binkie. This is BINK the dog:) We went to build a bear and she stuffed all her binkies in there and now has this adorable (expensive) dog from build a bear:) It was worth it!!
Here we are at Win's state wrestling in Prescott. It was so fun be able to go and support him he did a great job!! Win is the last of the Wright's to graduate and soon my parents will be off to being empty nesters!!
Just having some fun with the green wig I took to embarass Win at the wrestling tournament.
Here is Jay and I taking a break to eat some lunch. We skiied one day while in Lake Tahoe. We had a blast!!
Here we are in Thatcher at the Temple. Of course that guy with a mustache is my husband (YUCK) Like many other Air Force wives, March becomes a dreaded month due to Mustach March. Addie didn't even like it this year, Last year she did, don't ask me why!!
And here are our beautiful girls one morning before we went to church. Well I just want to let you know I am going to be back to blogging more than once every two years, so check back for more posts!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This is what she had to wear for a week until the swelling went down!!
Cute, hot pink cast, that mom and dad have signed!! And some othe friends as well!

And I just love this last picture!! Well as Addison would say she has an "ouchy" Jay had been gone for three days and it was the day he was coming home, I was letting Addison play on our bed as I showered, well as I was getting dressed I saw her twirling and then just twirled right off our bed, and screamed and cried like she never had before. So I waited for an hour b/c she can tend to be a little dramatic, and watched her as she wouldn't move her arm, and it started to look bruised in the fingers and the wrist. So I called a friend to drive us to the ER (b/c Addie would scream when I tried to put her down) after a LONG 3 hours of waiting we found out that Addie had broken her wrist!! This was right before we headed out for our vacation for Thanksgiving!! She has ajusted well, and have told the story a million times to so many strangers b/c everyone thinks it looks so cute. I would have to agree, but lets hope we don't have anymore broken bones!!


Jay's parents came in to town over Halloween and we had a great time. We went trick or treating at the squadron (Jay's Work). Then later that night we went to a haunted house it was actually really scary and I am weird I like being scared!! Then we went to Daze in a Maze and Addison rode a little pony, and cried when she had to get off. She LOVES animals and especially horses!! Then we did our church trunk or treat Halloween night. And just had a wonderful time!! We always enjoy having company and seeing family that we don't get to see very much!! Addison loved the extra attention she was getting from her grandparents!! Thanks for coming and seeing us!!


Here we are at Daze-N-Maze with some of my great friends. We had so much fun running through the muddy mazes, and I would jump out at scare Addison and she thought it was so funny so she started jumping out at me and saying BOO!! It was so cute!! Then we ate at the Golden Chick for the first time and it was actually really good!!


I rarely rant and rave about how cute she is, but really I feel so lucky to be able to stay at home with her and "party" all the time! We have dance party's, go to kindermusik, storytime, friends, and sadly it to cold to enjoy the park these days. But I truely feel so lucky to be able to stay at home with this amazingly little girl that cracks me up on a daily basis!! She is the BEST!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Festival

Every year Vance has a fall festival, they serve food, have good music, and give away free candy, they have things that you can make and then they send to deployed soliders!! Well this year it was by far the best one they have ever had! It was raining and they did it in one of the Hangars on base, the music was the kind that just made you want to dance (even if you can't:) And it was just a fun night out with family and friends!! And then we got a free pumpkin!! Thanks United Methodist Church!! It was a great day!!

First Hair Cut at 16 Months

Here is the back!! Looks like a cute bob!! I hope I am not sad tommorrow when I go to do her hair!!
Here she is before her haircut!! Have you ever done something and then though, oops why did I do that! I hope it turns out ok she is sleeping right now and really didn't want me to mess with her hair more, but I kinda got sad after I cut her hair. Partly b/c I know she won't have curls anymore! And because she moved and I cut it really short!! Good thing she's not older, o well it will grow!! In my defense it was looking a little straggly and really long in the back and shorter on the sides, the last thing I wanted was a daughter with a mullet!! Here is to growing out without a mullet:)